Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 39 of 365 Days of Art Challenge

Wow! The 39th week of the 365 Days of Art Challenge. The year is 3/4's over! How has the year been going by so fast?? I've been accomplishing one thing that I didn't accomplish last year! I've been sketching weekly!! This has been a great challenge for helping me do the drawing I've been wanting to do, especially doing the exercises in J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer's book, Dragonart Evolution: How to Draw Everything Dragon. I still have several exercises yet to do, but I'm getting them done due to this weekly sketch challenge and posting it! For me, posting the weekly sketch is almost more of a challenge than doing the sketch. That means I have to let the world see what I'm working on. That can be scary! Thanks for the push, Deb!

I moved on from the medieval dragons to Lung Dragons (see previous posts here).  From Peffer's description, lung dragons are Oriental or Eastern dragons - they are more sinuous then medieval dragons and are also more benevolent and wiser. These first few exercises are dragon heads from the front, side and 3/4 views. I added black ink to the sketches this week to try something a bit new. This was also scary, as ink is not erasable if I made any mistakes!

Ancient Lung Dragon head, front view. 3" x 6", 0.005 black Sakura
micron pen and pencil on mixed-media paper.  Peffer said the front view 
is the hardest, as everything has to be symmetrical. My symmetry may not
be perfect, but I think the front view and side views are the easiest to create. 

Bearded Lung Dragon head. side view. 4" x 5". 0.005 Sakura micron pen and
pencil on mixed-media paper. The side view is probably the easiest view to draw,
as you don't have to make two eyes look the same, get the foreshortening of the
nose correct, make the mouth, nose, ears, and horns symmetrical, etc. I'm not sure
which view I enjoy more - the front or side view. I like both.  

     Lung Dragon Head, 3/4 view. 4" x 3".  0.005 Sakura micron pen and pencil on mixed-media
     paper. I find the 3/4 view the hardest to sketch. Getting the nose and eye correct is difficult,
     whether drawing dragons, animals, or people. I find it a challenge to get the perspective correct. 

I'm very happy with my dragon heads this week, especially the front and side views. The 3/4 view is my challenge - I have not found any book or had a teacher really explain capturing this view in such a way that makes it easier for me to sketch. I will keep on practicing!!

Next week, I move on to a full lung dragon.

Keep creating!


  1. These are amazing!! Keep rocking on! :)

  2. You should be absolutely happy with these sketches! :) They are perfect! I wish I could see them all in a journal. That would be the best journal ever! :)

    1. I do have these in an art sketchbook that I bought at the local art store. Your journals are inspiration to for ideas to decorate my cover. The back needs to be different from the front, as I started from the back with notes and sketches for quilt ideas. From the front, it has drawings, sketches and my dragon exercises.

  3. Oohhh, that must be a gorgeous sketchbook! Maybe you could show it here? :)

    1. I will when I get the covers designed. Right now they are just how they look when I bought it from the store! Need to get creative! Your work inspires me to do something fun with the covers. Will keep you posted! I hadn't really thought to share my quilt designs and motifs - they're rough work for the most part! But that's how I figure out what I'm doing! Lol!