Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week 41 of 365 Days of Art Challenge

I enjoyed sketching this week - Week 41 -  for Blue Twig Studio's 365 Days of Art weekly sketch challenge. I'm continuing to work through J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer's book, DragonArt Evolution: How to Draw Everything Dragon. This week I started the section on dragon hatchlings! I enjoy seeing how different artists depict baby dragons. Therefore, I'm thrilled to be learning how to draw them myself.

I was able to finish two of the dragon hatchlings this week. Just like a baby, they have large heads in comparison to their body size, a shorter spine, and large eyes. They also have stubby limbs, tail, and wings, soft and round body types with baby fat, and unsharpened horns. I'm pleased with my little hatchlings.

Western Dragon Hatchling, 4" x 4". Pencil and
0.005 black Sakura micron pen on mixed-media paper. 
Western dragon hatchlings often walk on four limbs and have a pair of bat-like wings. They usually don't have a full set of horns on their heads, but these will grow with time. They generally can't breathe fire at this tender age and are little, mischievous terrors. I think the little guy came out cute, but I had to fix a couple things that I didn't notice until I uploaded my photo onto the computer. I had drawn the tail crest growing from the side of the tail, instead of the spine- oops!  The wing seemed to be attached to the back of the neck, instead of the shoulder. This area still doesn't quite look correct to me, but I'm happy enough with it. I struggled with the open mouth as well.

Eastern or Lung Dragon Hatchling. 5" x 4". Pencil and
0.005 black Sakura micron pen on mixed-media paper.
The Eastern or Lung dragons have elongated bodies, so the baby has a body that's much longer than a Western dragon, but not quilt as long in proportion to its head as an adult. I really like her face and the up-turned back foot. I think these give her a cute pose. Peffer's directions are detailed with good instructions.  I do change some things in the exercises, but not all the time. I figure I have time enough to create original work once I'm done working through all the studies from Peffer's book.

It really helped uploading the picture to my computer to see the proportions, so I think I'll try to do this more often in the future to see if I need to do anything else to drawings or paintings, before saying "I'm done!"  I do this with my quilts, so not sure why I don't with my art work! Lol!

Next week will see more dragon hatchlings! Thanks for visiting!

Keep creating!