Sunday, April 28, 2013

A possiblitity for Patt Blair's retreat

I really didn't find anything that just jumped out and said "Paint me!" in searching through photos for Patt Blair's quilting retreat. One photo that would work the best is one of my grandpa's shed. I played with it in a photo program on my tablet and thought about it. If I don't do this one this year, I may paint it at another time. My grandfather always sat in the larger doorway, no matter the weather. He just loved being outdoors and seeing his land and fields. He would usually sit with his gun, so he could shoot groundhogs, but you couldn't let Grandma know!! As if she missed anything! I miss both Grandma and Grandpa. They were such neat people!

Grandpa's Shed

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Preparation for Patt Blair Retreat

Argh!! I'm panicking!! What am I going to do for my whole-cloth, painted quilt for Patt Blair's retreat that is coming up in just a few weeks? I've been sorting through photos, but just am not finding anything that really says "Yes!! This is it!!"

Here is what I'm finding so far. Let me know what you think!

Cacti flowers taken while hiking at Picacho Peak.
Cropped to capture a few of the flowers.

Cacti flowers from photo taken at the Desert Botanical Garden.
Cropped to emphasize the blooms.

Chihuly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Photo taken at dusk, so
lights were highlighting some of the glass balls.

Hummingbird sitting quietly. Photo taken in Long Beach
outside the Queen Mary, when attending the
Long Beach International Quilt Show.

Burrowing Owls. Photo taken at the Phoenix Zoo. I've always enjoyed
watching the burrowing owls, since moving to AZ in the late 1980's.
Several pairs had nests in the field near our home.

Bee collecting pollen in yellow daisies grown by my mother
in her flower garden in front of her house in Ohio.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Drawing for Prickly Piecer's Opportunity Quilt

After several outings with the our opportunity quilt, Prickly Piecer's finally held our drawing. We raised almost $1500 with this quilt! The board members met for dinner at Macayo's. After an enjoyable meal, we settled down to business and drew the name for the winner of our opportunity quilt. Andrew Garva won the quilt. He had bought his winning ticket at the Mesa Arts Festival in Dec. He was thrilled to win the quilt, as his sister is a quilter and he understands what goes into making a quilt.

Roberta, Cathy, and I met him in the lobby at Cathy's workplace. He was excited to pick up the quilt. He plans to use it himself. He hadn't decided whether to put the queen size quilt on his bed or to hang it on the wall. He is a proud owner!!
Andrew Garva, the proud owner of his new quilt,
held here with Lynnita Knoch.
Queen-size (94" x 94") Opportunity Quilt