Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 42 of 365 Days of Art Challenge

This week has just flown by!! My daughter's birthday was Friday.  I took her shopping Saturday - got her first sets of maternity clothing and a Boppy body pillow for pregnancy. She was thrilled. Got some good buys and great discounts! Since it was her first pregnancy, she also got a goodie bag. Couldn't believe it contains 4 gift cards worth almost $200 !! And they are for items she'll actually need!! Made that shopping trip definitely worthwhile!

Sunday, we held a family birthday party for her at the neighborhood park. Had a good time. Our 2 1/2 yr old grandson went with Papa and Daddy to play on the playground. When it was time to call them for "cake" (a chocolate peanut butter pie at the birthday girl's request), he brought a 14 yr old girl with him!! She introduced herself and stayed for the birthday celebration! Can you believe it!!! 2 1/2 yrs old and already picking up girls!!! Oh my! He's starting early!!!

Anyway, I didn't get much time for sketching this week. So I'm showing a couple dragon sketches that I did a while back.
Momma Dragon Taking a Nap. 4" x 5". Pencil on mixed-media paper. 
Getting into Mischief, . 5" x 3". Pencil on mixed-media paper.

Now that I've been going through all the dragon studies, I can see things I would change if I drew these particular dragons again. I really like their expressions and that the baby dragons seem to be plotting mischief while Momma is sleeping.

I enjoyed drawing these. Unfortunately, I didn't write down my reference material. I would love to give credit where credit is due. Normally, I write this information down. Must've been a spacey that day! Lol!

I had originally drawn these dragons to use in a quilt. I had planned to have the mother dragon looking over the shoulder of a young girl at the sewing machine, teaching her to quilt, while one baby peered over the table and the other pulled on the spool of thread. It has never materialized into anything more than a very rough sketch. Maybe someday....

Keep creating!


  1. The baby dragons are adorable! I love them. Sounds like you had a wonderful family week, which is very important to do.

    1. Thanks! Family time is wonderful! I really enjoy it when everyone is altogether. But can't believe I'm the grandma now and everyone is gathering at my house! Made me think of all the times we went to Grandma's on the weekend while growing up. Then when we were raising our kids, we'd go to either my parents or his parents for a family get together. Now it's at my house for the family get togethers. Circle of life!!