Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept ATC Challenge - On the Road

I was late getting me ATCs done this month. For some reason, I thought I had another week before the end of the month. So I hope they arrive in time for the challenge. If not, hopefully, they'll be there in time to send to the winner.

This month's theme was "On the Road".  I kept thinking of landscapes or places I've traveled to or wish to travel to or a road leading through a forest ..... on and on and on. Everything that I thought of just made me feel like it really didn't fit the theme of "On the Road"  - that is would fit better with "Vacation" or "Trees" or "Weather".

About that time, I received an email from Pinterest showing me various boards people have created about "On the Road".  How serendipitous is that?  These made me think about when I traveled with my family as a child and what my parents did to keep us from being bored on a road trip. We played different games: i.e. finding the alphabet in order on billboards and license plates, or how many different states were represented in license plate, or how many horses or cows we could count on "my" side of the road. These made me feel more like I was describing the theme "On the Road".

Therefore, I made up three different ATC cards. I started with watercolor paper and painted either the background. Then I found online images of license plates from the 50 states, a road trip scavenger hunt, and a road trip bingo game to add to my card.

50 State License Plates ATC card. Watercolor background on 140 lb watercolor 
paper. Image attached with matte medium. We used to see how many different 
states we could find on license plates when we traveled as children.
Road Trip Bingo ATC card. Watercolor background on watercolor paper. 
Image attached with matte medium. I added little beads for markers for the
game - one on the free spot and two ready to cover any signs spotted "on
the road". This is similar to another we played as children when we traveled. 
Road Trip Scavenger Hunt ATC card. Watercolor background with image 
attached with matte medium. I added images of the items 'found' on the 
scavenger hunt.  We played this game with our children when they were 
young while traveling on road trips. 

I'm not sure I was real creative with my ATC cards this month. It's good to get out my box and try to create something for themes that I wouldn't normally think about doing. Thankfully, they are just small works of art!

It'll be fun to see what everyone created this month. You can see them on Deb Prewitt's blog. Oct's theme is "Wild, Wild West". Should be fun!

Keep creating!


  1. These road trip games would be useful, especially with longer car rides. Genius!

    1. We always had fun playing them. Kept us busy and out of Mom and Dad's hair. Definitely great ways to pass the time (especially in the days before tablets, cell phones, electronic games, portable DVD players and such)!

  2. Great work Lynnita! I wonder if I made mine or not? LOL! I get lost sometimes with all those things that I make. :)

    1. Thanks, Sonja. I understand about getting lost! I almost didn't get mine in, as I lost track of time! Lol! Going to try to get my Oct cards done earlier! (Great intentions. . . .will post how it works out!)