Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 36 of 365 Days of Art Challenge

This week has gone by so quickly. After finishing the two quilts (baby quilt and 100th birthday quilt), I had to get back to editing a quilt pattern. I was proofing it for errors, building the quilt in EQ7 (electric quilt program), and generating photos from EQ7 for various steps. It was a pretty complicated quilt, but it is beautiful. I can't post a photo of it, however, as it's not been published yet. The quilt is being used for AZ Quilters Hall of Fame for their annual raffle quilt.

I have started the next step in J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer's, Dragonart Evolution:How to Draw Everything Dragon.  (You can see several past posts with the exercises I have done so far.) The next step is drawing full-size medieval dragons. I got the dragon and background scenery sketched and started adding color with colored pencils. However, I didn't get it finished this week.

Medieval Full-size Dragon. 9" x 12" in pencil and Prismacolor pencils on mixed-media paper.
I started coloring the background first and still have more shading to add to the sky. I only got the lavender-tint in the water started on the ground. The rest of the landscape is hard to see as it's very light pencil. I'm planning to color the dragon last. Hopefully, I'll have it finished next week. You'll have to come back to see the final drawing.

Keep creating!

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