Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Green Eggs and Ham

Rhode Island Red 3 yr old chicken
We have had chickens for the past dozen years. It's been great fun watching them - they do make interesting pets. I love the fresh eggs. We are allowed to have 4 chickens in our home in the suburbs. We started with one Rhode Island Red about a dozen years ago. She was so much fun, we decided to raise some more when she got old. We bought 3 chicks (a Rhode Island Red, a White Leghorn, and a black/white Barred Rock). Unfortunately, we lost both the leghorn and the barred rock within the first 6 months. The Rhode Island Red doesn't realize she's a chicken. She thinks she's either a person or a dog. She pecks at the kitchen window when she's hungry. If the back door is left open, she'll just come in and start pecking for food. She follows you and  talks to you whenever you are out back doing anything. 

Americauna chicks at about 6 months old.
We decided to try raising chicks again and bought 3 Americauna chicks about 7 months ago. They are a bit different than the other chicks we've had. They have a barking sound when they want more food. They get so excited about any little thing and will jump into the air or go sprinting around their hen house. They make me laugh. 
Americauna chicks at about 6 months old.
They start laying between 6 and 8 months of age. We found the first egg a couple days ago and then yesterday two of them laid eggs. One last chicken to start! We weren't sure what color their eggs would be, as they can lay green, blue, or brown eggs. So far, the two that have started laying eggs have green eggs.

Green eggs from the Americauna chicks and brown eggs from the Rhode Island Red.

My husband's artwork - the first green egg with green veggies.
Green eggs and ham for breakfast!! Ymmm.


  1. What fun! I love how your chicken talk to you! Animals are the best! :)

    1. They are the best! My husband laughs at me for how I talk to our pets. Lol!