Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Canning Pickles

My other major activity this week:

 A week ago we were given over 30 cucumbers from a friend. Who can eat that many cucumbers?? After giving away several, decided to make sweet pickles with the rest. I hadn't made pickles since before the kids were born! (almost 30 years ago!). Called Mom and found out which recipe I needed for the sweet pickles I grew up on (and helped Mom and Grandma can). They had to soak in brine for 6 days prior to being ready to season and can. Today was the 6th day. Then it was one to boiling them in alum, then boiling in ginger, then boiling in syrup mixture of vinegar, spices, and sugar. Finally,ready to can! 

Boiling pickles in alum. Then drained and boiled again in
 ginger.  Drained again and boiled in vinegar syrup. 

Finally, canned the pickles in a water bath.

Nine jars of sweet pickles.

I'm exhausted!!  I know chickens (previous post) and making pickles don't have anything to do with art or quilting. But when you spend this much time making something, you want to share it with everyone!!!

By the way, anyone need a jar of pickles?

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