Friday, March 14, 2014

Box Birthday Card

I went to a card-making party at a friend's house last night. It was fun and I brought home a beautiful birthday card that pop-ups into a box.

Years ago, when Craftmart was still here in the valley of Phoenix, Arizona, my daughter and I belonged to a card club. We would get together every month to make a beautiful hand-made card. Even though we made the same cards, my daughter's and my cards would always look so different. At that time, I would usually do the card basically as instructed with a few variations, while she would think outside the box and create something wonderful and fun! Family and friends were always excited to see the new cards and would anxiously hope they were going to get one hand-delivered or receive one in the mail. When Craftmart closed some 7-8 years ago, we quit making cards. She graduated and moved out. It wasn't fun to get everything out and make a hand-made card by myself. It just was too much effort. Plus, I didn't have the fancy die-cut machines - I never needed one; since in card club, we could use all the machines, dies, stamps, etc. that Craftmart owned. 

A good friend started a card-making club at her house a couple years ago. Unfortunately, it always fell on a night I had another commitment. I no longer have that commitment, so have been able to attend the card-making parties at her house this month and last month! (I forgot to post last month's card we made for Valentine's Day - since I no longer have the card and didn't photograph it, I can't post it either! Oops! Will try not to repeat that mistake!)

All that bit of history, to bring me to last night's box card! 

Front of closed box card.  My embellishments stick out the sides a bit, so I will need a
larger envelope than the one that was supposed to go with the card. I can live with that!

Front view of open box card. We were given a choice for a birthday card or an Easter card. I obviously chose the birthday card. Others made the Easter card, with a bunny and Easter sentiments, rather than the cake and birthday sentiments. Both cards had the flowers, leaves, grass, and butterfly embellishments.

Top view of the card so the various layers inside the "box" can be seen. It was fun to make. I added layered birds and flowers to the box sides, too. The butterfly bounces on a long, clear tab.
This is a beautiful card, and can be made with a variety of papers and embellishments, or in different sizes. You could make a card like this for every occasion. (I might just do that, too!)  Glad we were given instructions, though, as I would never remember how to make it otherwise - especially with the mistakes I kept making.

I plan to give this one to my dear, wonderful sister for her birthday next month! (No peeking,sis! Act surprised when you receive it in the mail!)

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