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Noriko Endo's Silk Fiber Elegance - Cherry Blossoms class at the AQS Show in Phx, AZ Feb 2014

Noriko teaching the silk fiber class. 
Finally, the third class I took with Noriko Endo was her Silk Fiber Elegance - Cherry Blossoms class. Again the photo of her sample for the class drew me to the class, as well as, working with silk and silk fibers. I had no idea what to expect from this class, either. I found silks and silk fibers hard to find in the Phoenix area, so chose to order a kit from Noriko for the class.

I was having trouble with my camera in this class, so I didn't get photos of several of Noriko's samples before figuring it out and getting it working again. Following are just a couple of the samples.

Silk fiber scarf. Approx. 18" x 60". You can't really tell from this photo, but 

this scarf is sheer. 
Silk shoulder covering. This piece started as a rectangle. Noriko took tucks in it and folded a

curve under on one end. She added beads and other embellishments. She attaches it with a 
brooch to the shoulder of a jacket or blouse to dress them up. The photo I took of Noriko 
wearing this over her shoulder did not come out. This picture doesn't show the beauty very well. 

In this class, we worked with silk hankies (or caps) to create our own fabric. We laid the fibers on a water soluble tacky stabilizer. Then we added silk cherry blossoms that Noriko had die-cut for us for this class, silk fabric strips for branches, twigs, or just other embellishments to our designs, and finally spooled on heavy silk and metallic threads for further embellishments. Over this, we laid another piece of water soluble stabilizer and then free-motion stitched the layers together with silk thread. The silk fibers are held together with thread, so they need to be heavily stitched. When we get home, we were to soak the "fabric" in warm water to dissolve all the water soluble stabilizer.

The first few photos are from other students in the class.
Student stitching her "fabric."  Approx 8" x 20".  
Student almost done stitching "fabric." The heavy silk threads can be seen in the 

upper right corner. She's added silk fabric for the stems under her cherry blossoms. 
She has added sun rays with her free-motion stitching. Approx. 12" x 14". 
Student has used silk fabric of various colors for hanging branches of cherry

blossoms. She has also spooled some of the thick silk thread, as well as,
a few other threads before free-motion stitching the "fabric."  Approx 6" x 10". 

These last few photos are my project.  I did a small project about 6" x 10". I added silk fabric for branches and loaded them with cherry blossoms. I added several colors of metallic and holographic threads, in addition to the heavy silk thread for embellishments. The first photo is the "fabric" encased in the water-soluble stabilizers. The stabilizer has been dissolved away in the second one.

My "fabric" with stabilizer. Approx 6" x 10". 
Stabilizer has been dissolved. Approx 6" x 10".  I have a few 
cherry blossoms that didn't get stitched down well. I also plan 
to add some beads and other fibers for more embellishments. 

Noriko, again, taught another fun class. This one was similar to wool felting, but without the "felting". We used the silk hankies similar to how wool roving is used. Another very different, fun class. I'm excited about the creative possibilities using the silk fibers. I picked up more silk hankies and silk cocoons at the show from one of the vendors.
Noriko (right) and myself (left) in front of her silk scarf sample. 

Copyright of samples belong to Noriko Endo and to the students creating them. 

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