Wednesday, February 12, 2014

AQS Quilt Show in Phoenix Feb 5-8 2014

The American Quilter's Society (AQS) held their first show in Phoenix this past week (Feb 5 - 8) at the Phoenix Convention Center.The show was great fun. I enjoyed the quilt exhibits, as well as, all the vendors. As I said in a previous blog, my favorite exhibit was the Tentmakers of Cairo.  I enjoyed the SAQA exhibit, too.  SAQA is the Studio Art Quilts Associates. They are creative art quilters. You will have to check out their website, as you cannot photograph any of the quilts in their exhibit, as they are all original and generally for sale. It was a wonderful exhibit and I enjoyed their quilts.

There was also a Quilts of Valor exhibit. The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover all combat service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing quilts. One quilt really touched me from this exhibit.

Iwo Jima from the Quilted in Honor exhibit. (I'm not sure of exact name of 
quilt nor who made it. I didn't write it down. Sorry.) Except for the flag, the
rest of the fabrics are camo. This quilt really touched me because my father 
is a WWII veteran, serving in the Pacific in the Philippines. Our WWII vets 
are leaving us and their stories still need to be told. 

Some of the quilts from the Winner's Circle follow. The rest of the winners can all be seen here.
Best of Show Award - Isabelle by Kathi Carter of Vineyard, Utah. 93" x 93". 
Wandering 'Round My World by Beth Shillig of Columbus, Ohio,
60" x 38". 
Best Innovative Quilt Award - 
Hurricane by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga, of Kollumerzwaag,
Friesland, Netherlands. 78" x 68".  
Best Wall  Quilt Award. 
 Spirit by Georgia Spalding Pierce of Seattle, Washington, 100" x 89"
Viewer's Choice Quilt Award - First Place Bed, Quilts - Innovative.

Some of the other quilts that I enjoyed can be seen here. I couldn't show all the photos I took as we'd be here for several pages!!
American White Pelicans by Velda Newman of Nevada City, CA, 
46" x 36". Wall Quilts - Innovative/Art.  I enjoy pelicans and the artist 
did a wonderful job painting this grouping. 
Autumn Fairy by Diane Hansen of Chandler, AZ, .31"x 31". 
Honorable Mention - Wall Quilts - Innovative/Art.  I attended
Patt Blair's workshop with Diane when she started this wholecloth
painted quilt. It's taken from a calendar by Linda Ravenscoft (with her 
permission). Diane did a wonderful job of painting and quilting. 
She deserves the Honorable Mention award!!
Autocar by Lynne Pillus of Oroville, CA 48" x 43".  Wall Quilts - Innovative/Art.

 This is a fun quilt. I love her expression of this vintage car. My dad is an 
auto mechanic and was always working on a car. This quilt brings
 back fond memories of helping my dad work on cars by handing him tool.s

Unravelings #2 by Judy Tescher of Pendleton, Indiana, 59" x 53".  

Third Place - Wall Quilts - Modern. I'm being drawn more and more to
the modern quilt movement. I like their simplicity, colors, and negative space.
More Than a Memory by Kathy McNeil of Tulalip, Washington, 62" x 52". 
Second Place - Wall Quilts - Innovative/Art. Her quilts are so lifelike. I 

enjoyed and learned so much in a workshop with her a couple years ago. 

Cherry Blossom #7 by Noriko Endo of Tokyo, Japan. 58" x 38". 

Wall Quilts - Innovative/Art. I first saw Noriko's work a few years ago
 at the International Quilt Show in Long Beach, CA. I love her 
landscapes -  they are so delicate and ethereal. 

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