Friday, July 5, 2013

Zentangles and Color

I love color, especially bright, bold colors. I have been experimenting with coloring Zentangles or creating a colored background for the Zentangles.

Color Wheel - 300lb Watercolor paper, watercolors, Sakura 
micron pen.  I decided to create a color wheel adding rounds 
for pastels, tones, and shades, although it's hard to see the 
pastels and tones very well from this photo. I added several 
tangles to the different areas of  the color wheel. 

Zentangle. 3"x3" cardstock with Sakura micron pen and pencil.
I created this simple tangle with crescent moon, florz, pearlz, 
Hollibaugh, and a scallop tangle. I used a pencil for shading.

Zentangle with Color. 6"x 6" mixed-media paper with gel pens, 
markers, and colored pencils. I recreated the same Zentangle as 
above, but added colors to this one. I chose an analogous 
color scheme or turquoises, blues, and purples.  I shaded with 
colored pencils.

Stencil Zentangle. 4" x 6" Mixed-media paper with gel 
pens, markers, and Smooch inks. I decided to use a 
complimentary color scheme. I sprayed various 
red, yellow, and orange Smooch inks over a stencil
for the background. I used purple gel pens and 
markers for the tangle patterns to fill in the white areas 
created by the stencil. 

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