Friday, July 26, 2013

Mother-in-law's flowers

We spent an evening with my mother-in-law weeding her flowers around the house. She has some beautiful flowers. Last year she won best-in-show at the Auglaize County Fair for one of her flower pots that she keeps on the back porch. She also won another ribbon last year for a second arrangement she entered. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't cooperated this year and she didn't get the beautiful flowers like she had last year. I still think she had several flowers worthy of photos.

I didn't realize that hydrangea are two colors when they are start to bloom.
The yellow with the pink is striking. Edited in Pixlr Express.
Hydrangea fully bloomed. The individual flowers are so pretty.
Edited in Pixlr Express. 
I can't remember what type of flower Mom said this one is.
I think it is beautiful with the purple petals,
dark blue stamens, and purple-edged sepals.
Edited in Pixlr Express.
I even like dandelions!  I like seeing fields dotted with yellow. Dandelions
appear delicate when they go seed as this one has.  The seeds will scatter
when caught on the wind with their feathery parachutes.  Of course,
dandelion greens are also very good for you, as they are chock full of
vitamins and minerals. I use to harvest them  in the spring for my grandmother.
Edited in Pixlr Express. 

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