Wednesday, July 24, 2013


My father-in-law has a small quarter horse farm. He trains and shows horses in the Midwest. Dad has a yearling, along with his older horses. She's very pretty and allowed me to pet her. Horses are such beautiful animals.

Dad's yearling. She started trotting closer to the fence
when she saw me standing there watching her..

She got close enough for me to pet her.

Dad also takes care of other peoples' horses. He had a couple of other yearlings that were such fun to watch running and cavorting in the field together. I was able to get a couple shots before dusk fell.

The two yearlings playing and running in the field. They
started coming up closer from the back field when I
approached the fence. 

They were a bit skittish of coming any closer. The larger one
just watched me while the other nibbled on the grasses.

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