Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 31 of 365 Days of Art Challenge

Still fighting this upper respiratory infection! Doctor put me back on antibiotics and said it may take one or two more rounds of them! This has sure been a rough infection. I'm tired of being stuck mostly in bed!  At least I'm getting some sketching done! Did do a bit of hand-sewing, too. I've been working on a Baltimore Album quilt for a few years now. I'm doing all the applique by hand and adding beads and metallic threads for embellishments. I want to quilt it by hand, too, once I finish the last few blocks. I'll show what I have done in another blog.

Back to sketching for this week. I'm continuing exercises from J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer's book: DragonArt Evolution: How to Draw Everything Dragon (see post from Week 30 of the art challenge).  Last week I finished all the limb studies, which finished the chapter on the different body parts of a dragon. This next chapter puts everything together. Peffer started the chapter with four types of dragon heads. 

Medium-sized Sleek-Crested Dragon head - pencil on mixed-media paper. The eye, webbed frill, 
and webbed spine make me want to get to know this dragon more.She appears intelligent and wise. 
She also looks like she enjoys swimming, so she might be found in deep rivers, lakes, or in the oceans.

Large Earthen Dragon head - pencil on mixed-media paper. The teeth and horns makes this
pebbly-skinned dragon seem scary. Although, I believe these dragons are ancient guardians 
of the earth. I think I got his eye a bit small for the size of his head. I'm not sure about the small  
horns around the eye, either, but I put in the details Peffer shows.

Squat Scaled Dragon head - pencil on mixed-media paper. This dragon seems fierce, protective, and loyal. I wasn't sure about the globe-type eye when I started this sketch, but I like it once I finished the head.  I also like the nose and horns on this dragon. They are not as scary as the Earthen Dragon's horns. 

Elongated Chimera Dragon head - pencil on mixed-media paper. This is definitely a scary dragon, with all the sharp teeth, and many horns below the jaw and down the spine. He also looks like he would be a swimmer. This dragon head was the hardest of the four to sketch. I had a difficult time with the nose, jaw, and teeth. 

I enjoyed drawing the different dragon head types J. Peffer gave in the exercises.  I like that she's introducing both benevolent and scary dragons. Otherwise, I would only draw kind ones!  I need to understand the different types, as I develop my own style and work towards my goal of adding fantasy art to my repertoire.

Next week -  dragon expressions! That should be challenging!!

Keep creating!!


  1. Lynnita I hope you will be healthy and well very soon. Sending healing vibes your way! Your sketches are AMAZING!

  2. hahaha, just as I was writing a comment here, you left a comment on my blog! Isn't that interesting? :)

    1. Thanks for the healing vibes! Leaving comments at the same time - just goes to show great minds think alike!! Lol!