Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dyeing Socks

A couple friends and myself got together for a day of tie-dyeing. We mainly dyed socks, although Rita also dyed tee's and shoelaces. Rita suggested this, as her granddaughters wanted some tie-dyed t-shirts. Since she was heading their way next weekend, we decided to play. Roberta and I decided to do socks, so Rita decided socks with matching shoelaces would be fun for the girls, too.

Rita and Roberta had a tie-dye kit which contained three colors - yellow, blue, and red. We used only those three colors for this session. We used marbles, folded and/or twisted and bound with white embroidery floss or rubber bands to prepare the t-shirts and socks for dyeing. Once done, everything had to sit in plastic wrap (or baggies) for 24 hours before rinsing and heat-setting.

Rita added marbles in various spots on the tee's for her granddaughters. (There isn't any
dye added yet. the color of the marbles is showing through the fabric.)
Rita adding red and yellow dyes to a tee prepared with marbles for a granddaughter. 
The dyeing process is completed and under plastic ready to sit for 24 hours. Rita used red dyes on the marbles, and splatter the rest with the yellow and blue dyes with just a bit of red dye splatters.

Rita's dyed socks and shoelaces. Ready to be wrapped in plastic. Rita didn't do
any special preparation before dyeing. She just squirted the dyes at random and let
them bleed and run together. The shoelaces she put in baggies with various dyes.
They will dry and rinse lighter than pictured here.
Roberta's socks twisted and tied with floss (top), folded and banded (bottom right),
and rolled with rubber bands (bottom left) ready for dyeing.

Roberta dyed the twisted and bound with embroidery floss with red and yellow strips
- the blue was accidental (center). The folded and bound socks (left and right) used
blue and yellow dyes with just a touch of red along the folds. The 3rd pair of socks
(rolled and bound with rubber bands at top left) were dyed in wedges in all three colors.
A pair of Lynnita's socks rolled in a ball and bound with rubber bands.
Dyed yellow and then spots of blue and red were added.

Lynnita's socks shown above after rinsing and drying. The blue and yellow bled, creating
green. The spots of red and blue (green) make the socks appear to have measles or some
 spotted-disease! Lol!! Everyone loves them! These will probably go to my daughter! 
A pair of Lynnita's socks with marbles and rubber bands ready for dyeing.
Lynnita's socks (shown above with the marbles and rubber bands) after
rinsing and drying. I rubber bands helped the colors from bleeding
together so much. I like the red in just the toes, heels, and top of cuff. 

Lynnita's socks that were twisted and tied with white embroidery floss. (Unfortunately
 the photo of the socks prior to dyeing didn't turn out - it was a bad sector
on SD card). Bleeding is more evident than in the ones rubber-banded.
The white embroidery floss was dyed along with the socks they bound.
It is now nicely variegated and will create some lovely embroidery work. 

Unfortunately, I cannot show you Rita and Roberta's finished tees and socks, as I haven't seen them. We had to wait 24 hours and we haven't had a chance to get back together since then. Rita will already have given hers to her granddaughters, as she is visiting with them now for another couple of weeks. But this gives you an idea of the process and you can see how mine turned out.

Rita, Roberta and I enjoyed the tie-dyeing process. We plan to do more of this. I, especially, want to dye more socks. The bamboo is so comfortable and wears well. Several have told me they would love to have a pair of my tie-dye socks. I want to make them for Christmas presents for my sisters, sisters-in-laws, daughters, and grandchildren. Should be fun and to try other colors, too! I also have a dress to dye. Rita and Roberta want to do more. We had a great time playing!!

Keep creating!!

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