Saturday, June 8, 2013


I'm learning how to use my tablet's apps to play with photos. I used the app, Pixlr Express to edit the first photograph of my grandson. I focused on his face, blurring the background by a percentage. Then I used an antique scratching filter to age the photograph and finally added a white ripped paper frame.
My Grandson at 10 months old.

Another app for photographs that I really like is Paper Camera. It has several different "filters" that can be used to take a photograph or to edit a photograph. They are:
  • Comic Boom (a painterly effect), 
  • Sketch Up (a pencil sketch), 
  • Acquarello (a watercolor effect), 
  • Old Printer (a dot matrix), 
  • Neon Cola (neon colors on black), 
  • Contours (charcoal sketch), 
  • Bleaching (washed out color),  
  • Gotham Noir (a black/white photograph), 
  • Half Ton (dotted mid-tones), 
  • Granny's Paper (sepia effect), 
  • Pastel Perfect (pastel effect), 
  • Andy Pop (an array  reminiscent of Andy Warhol's paintings), and
  • Haystacks (another painterly effect). 
The second photograph is my son and grandson in front of our house. My grandson looked like a little man in his hat.I used the Comic Boom filter. I was surprised when so many friends and family asked me if I had painted this picture. 
Son and Grandson (16 months old)

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