Monday, June 24, 2013

Glamour Girls

I bought Traci Bautista's book Doodles Unleashed: Mixed-Media Techniques for Doodling, Mark Making, and Lettering. What a fun book!!! Traci demonstrates various pens, pencils, markers, stencils, inks, paints, and stamps to make marks and shows how doodling can be a creative form of expression.. I loved her Glamour Girl doodles. I enjoy creating portraits in colored pencil and oils. Combining doodling with portraits seems a natural step.  It was a very freeing process to let go of creating a portrait of a particular person, being able to exaggerate features, like the eye, and creating fun doodles for the hair or to embellish the hair.

Glamour Girl. 1 6"x6" on mixed-media paper with Sakura micon pen.
This was so much fun to draw. I used Traci's
 basic Glamour Girl design with flowers and paisleys
 to create and embellish her locks of hair. 
Glamour Girl 1 in Color. 8 1/2" x 11" on mixed media paper.
I decided to add color to Glamour Girl 1 using
Derwent colored pencils and Gel Pens for details.

Glamour Girl 2. 6"x6" on mixed media paper with Sakura micron pen.

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