Monday, September 3, 2012

Zentangle-Inspired Art for my doctor

While sitting in the examining room waiting on my doctor, I was doodling in my tangle journal. When the doctor came in, she commented that my doodling was terrific and that I needed to sell it. She said she'd be my first customer!! So my "homework" was to make her a ZIA (Zentangle-inspired art) to hang on her wall.

Wow!! I hadn't really thought about selling my work. I draw because I enjoy the process, it relaxes me, and it's always exciting to see the final result. The result of doodling is really a surprise! Starting with a string and then just picking tangles at random, I rarely know what the end drawing will look like.
This is the ZIA I made for my doctor. It's 8"x10" on illustration board, using a 0.1 Sakura Micron pen. I did a string with my eyes closed. I enjoyed the result from using variations on Scallop tangles that blended into each other at the bottom. This is becoming one of my favorite doodles!

Abstract Butterfly
Tangles: Echoism, Ennies, Flora, Knightsbridge, Oshua, Pearlz, Pokeleaf, Printemps, Scallops, and Terratile

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