Monday, September 10, 2012

More Zentangles for my doctor

My doctor also requested a set of cards from my doodles. I found a set of 4 cards - Carol Doak`s Keepsake Frame Cards  - that have 3" x 3" openings ready to insert artwork, small quilts, photos, etc. The paper looks handmade. The cards have a tri-fold and double-stick tape, making them easy to use.   

Set of 4 Cards (Carol Doak's Keepsake Frame Cards) with Zentangle-Inspired Art

In this first card, I wanted to get away from the usual, squarish tile for my Zentangle design. I was making an abstract design, but it resembles a 2 or an R.

Tangles: Crescent Moon, Florz, Hollibaugh variation, Pebbles, and a quilting scallop design.

In the second card, I was practicing designs from Zentangle 4 by Suzanne McNeil. She has written several books on Zentangles that include many tangles with several ideas and inspiration. Several people said the  "plum leaf variation" tangle made them think of a guitar, hence the name.  

Tangles:  Deco Border, Pearlz, Peacock Tail, Plum Leaf variation. Pyramids, and Sugarcane

In this third card, I wanted to tangle a realistic critter. By the time I finished, a moth flittered on the page with large eyes, fat antennae, large front wings, delicate, lacy back wings, a squarish body, and a paisley tail.

Tangles: Betweed, Ennies, Fescu, Knightsbridge, Nzeppel, Paisley, Pearlz, Queen's Crown, Rain, and Shattuck

The fourth card is a more traditional Zentangle design. I made the string with a circle in the middle, and divided the sides into thirds. I had in mind from the beginning to put a flower in the center amidst various tangles. 

Tangles: Cadent, Flukes, Hollibaugh, Keeko, Onomato, Pebbles, Pokeroot, Shattuck, and a Sunflower

The doctor enjoyed the set of cards. She decided to frame them and hang them on her wall, along with the framed wall-hanging ZIA (Zentangle-inspired art) I had previously made for her. I enjoyed making the cards so much, that I made a second set to use as samples. 

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