Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trip to CA

This year when attending the quilt retreat (see previous post), I flew in and out of San Diego, instead of driving. My sweet cousin, Betsy, picked me up and took me to the retreat and then came back for me on Monday and took me to the airport. We had some time to spare before I had to go to the airport, so we went to Seaport Village along the marina in San Diego. It has a lot of little touristy type shops and eateries. It was a fun place to walk along the water.

Seaport Village sign. Didn't realize till I got home and looked at
photos, that I didn't have a photo of Betsy! 
Navy ship across the bay at the shipyard.
Duck swimming in pond located in the center of the shopping area.
There were about 4 of these birds sleeping in this tree by the pond,
where the ducks were swimming. Not sure what kind of birds they are.
This bird had just woken up and I was able to get a shot of his face. They're about 2 feet tall and appear to be in the heron family, but have never seen anything like them.
There were several children playing by the marina and a few flying kites. This one
 stood out in the beautiful blue sky. There happened to be a kite shop close by in the village.
The kite shop had several of these mobiles - birds, ducks, flying pigs, elephants, giraffes. They were darling and I had to get one to hang by our front door in memory of my time with Betsy. She's a wonderful person and cousin!

I enjoyed my trip thoroughly. It was very creative and productive!!

Keep creating!

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