Monday, April 13, 2015

March Book Club - Show Your Work

March's book for the Blue Twig Studio's monthly book club was "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon.  It is the sequel to "Steal Like an Artist", which we read last year in June (see post dated July 1, 2014).  Austin Kleon is a writer with a wonderful sense of humor and many insightful views on creating artwork (as seen in "Steal Like and Artist)  and getting it seen by a larger audience (see "Show Your Work").

I have to admit that I first read Austin Kleon's book, "Show Your Work" last year and reviewed it for July's book review, as I couldn't find the book that was being read that month. So you can see my previous review here (dated July 30, 2014).

This book is worth reading a second time! Kleon focuses on using the community of artists to help make your work "findable" (putting your artwork out in the community where others can find you). It's more about discovering yourself (rather than promoting yourself), by sharing your process with others, so they will want to "steal" from or be influenced by you (see his first book). Once people start getting inspiration from your work or being influenced by your work, you will find that you have been "discovered"!

Kleon gives much advice on good manners for sharing and the pitfalls of oversharing, as well as, using the Internet for sharing - like building a good domain name and giving credit where credit is due. His books helps layout plans for succeeding as an artist - any kind of artist - in this digital age.

A couple of quotes Kleon used that inspire me are: 

     "Find your voice, shout it from the rooftops, and keep doing it until the people that are looking 
       for you find you." - Dan Harmon

     "Carving out a space for yourself online, somewhere where you can express yourself and share 
       your work, is still one of the best possible investments you can make with your time." - Andy Baio

Kleon helps me see that anyone can be an artist, even if it's not full-time. Don't be afraid to sell your work! Teach and share with others. Keep creating!  His books do not take long to read if you are interested. Also, you can find more about him and his work at

Next month's book (and for the next several months) is "Creative is a Verb" by Patti Digh. It will be spread out over several months so we can work through several of the exercises in the book. For April, read Part 1, which includes chapters 1-3 of the book. Please join us!

Keep creating!

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