Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Photos of Vina de Lestonnac, Temecula, CA

More photos from Vina De Lestonnac, Temecula, CA that I would like to share with you. I know you would like to see some of the art quilts being painted. However, since the work is not mine, I don't feel that I can post others' work on my blog. I did not take many photos of Patt Blair's work, as I took so many last year. Her work can be seen on her website here. Thank you for understanding.

Not sure what type of tree this is, but the blossoms are beautiful.  Spiky red
stamens with beautiful pink-tinged petals that remind me of cowrie sea shells.
Another local denizen. These little hares can be seen in abundance. However, they
don't usually sit still long enough to get a good photo. This little guy posed for awhile for us.
Small barrel cactus with tiny pink blossoms. 
A fountain in the center of a rock garden is a favorite for the birds, especially the goldfinches. They enjoyed bathing in the fountain, splashing merrily. They flew away quickly whenever I tried to snap a shot!
These budding trees were just beginning to bloom . They will be beautiful once they are in full bloom. 
I can't remember what bush had these clusters of tiny blossoms. The flowers are only about an inch in size. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my nature photos from the quilt retreat.

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