Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 14 of 365 Days of Art Challenge

Wasn't sure I was going to get any sketching done this week. I almost always procrastinate about doing our taxes, especially since we usually end up owing money. Therefore, I've been busy working on taxes, adding up all those darn receipts that seem to multiply since I started working on them! Would be so much easier if my husband wasn't a small business owner! But he enjoys being a handyman, working for himself, so I really can't complain!

Back to sketching. I found some time this week, while waiting in doctor's offices (and when I needed a break from receipts!). I wanted to work on some portraits this week, but those take more time than I had available. I fell back to doing more exercises from the dragon book - Dragon Evolution by J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer. This week I sketched different types of dragon wings.

Batlike Dragon Wing in pencil on mixed-media paper. The added flap at the top of the wing
for additional support was difficult to make look correct. I'm not sure I was very successful. 

Fingerless Dragon Wing in pencil on mixed-media paper.. Not sure how this wing is supported
without the elongated fingers, as in the bat-like wing. I like the way it looks, however.

Part-Feathered, Part-Batlike Dragon Wing in pencil on mixed-media paper.
I want to draw a dragon with this type of wing. This was fun to sketch.

Multi-spined Dragon Wing in pencil on mixed-media paper. I like the small added
wing flap by the body. Although, I'm not sure how this helps with flight. 

Tattered Dragon Wing. This wing type is my favorite. I think it's more dramatic.
But, how does a dragon maintain flight with tattered wings?
I enjoyed drawing the various wing types this week. Except for Oriental dragons, most have wings. I'm learning much about the anatomy of a dragon from this book.  Ms. Peffer's book is very well done, making the exercises easy to follow.

On to week 15!! Taxes will be filed by then and I can relax and really enjoy sketching!


  1. You are gooood! So good! I'm jealous! :)

    1. Thank you, Sonja. I can draw what is in front of me, but I have a much harder time drawing from my imagination. A great book for learning to draw is Betty Edward's "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain."