Thursday, August 8, 2013

ATC Cards

I joined a group at Craft Fusion in Chandler to exchange ATC cards, which are 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" pieces of art or Artist Trading Cards. Every month we have 2 themes to pick from. The month of Aug is "It's All About Time" or "Sweets, Cakes, and Candy!".  I chose to make mine with the time theme. Here are a couple of the cards I created.

ATC Cards - watercolor wash on 120 lb watercolor paper. Then I divided the paper into the individual cards. On each card, I used watercolors to paint a profile of a girl. I gave the girls a variety of hair colors from blond to red to auburn to brunette.  I added a watch face to the head to symbolize our brain always thinking about time - how the past affects the present, which in turn affects the future. I used watch parts for an earring and hair clip.                                                  

Some of the other members of the group also created ATC's with the them Its About Time. 
A few of the other ATC cards with Its About Time theme. (1) A stamped clock with paper hands for the hour and minute hands for "Time stands still when I'm with you.". (2) An old-fashioned clock in a tripod stand that would normally hold a globe on a variety of torn papers. (3) Different framed facial views for various times with a clock halfway in the picture and the number 3 on the other corner. Makes me think of the rat race and how we scurry here and there trying to beat time to accomplish this and that, while really accomplishing nothing. And (4) the sun and moon and a bird stickpin with the saying, "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time" by Abraham Lincoln. 

The rest of the members created ATCs with the Sweets. Cakes, and Candy theme. There were some very creative cards. Cupcakes was a popular theme. I liked the cupcake made of brown caulk from the hardware store. It really looks like a chocolate cupcake. I loved the TV set with the episode from I Love Lucy  when Lucy and Ethel were working in a factory making candies. That episode sure brings back much laughter!
ATC Cards - (1) TV with I Love Lucy episode. Tiny buttons were used for the dial on the TV and straight pins for the rabbit ear antennae. (2) The other card has a paper punched embossed Teddy bear  with a bead nose and flower bow in front of with gumball machine.Other beads are on the floor for the gumballs that have fallen out of the machine. A jumper ring holds a dangle of beads and a shrinkydink gumball machine. It says "What a TREAT". 
ATCs with a (1) pink paper sucker with crystal bits for candy wrapped in pink saran wrap on a paper doily on stamped pink paper with more crystals embellishments ,  (2) real individually wrapped Jelly Beans and PEZ candy on paper with candies that says "For the love of sweets", (3) Homemade Goodies - homemade pie and coffee pictures with crystal lacquer on green paper with yarn around the edge - the corners have been punched giving a great finish to the ATC card, and (4) a fluffy iced cupcake (paper) with a cherry on top (bead) on coordinating papers.  The icing has "crushed crystals" glued on to make it appear glittery. 
ATCs - (1) cupcake made with brown caulk from hardware store with 'sprinkles' (confetti) and a paper cup recycled from candies with a shrinkydink dangle of a girl holding a cake (2)  A small cupcake created with a paper punch with a tag that says "Life is Short, Eat Desert first!" and (3) another paper cupcake in a foil cup with a saying, "My soul has had enough chicken soup, now it needs cupcakes." 
All the ATC cards were great. Everyone is so creative. It's a fun group!


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