Monday, May 6, 2013

Decided on picture for Patt Blair's retreat

Finally, I found something that just said, "This is it!! Paint me!!" After all the searching through photos, playing in Photoshop Elements to saturate colors of flowers, owls, hummingbirds, etc, I finally found it! I found something that would makes me feel passionate about it!! Dragons!!

I couldn't sleep a couple nights ago, so pulled up images of dragons on my tablet. I found many possibilities, but nothing that really struck a chord, until I came across an image of a lizard's eye and skin. The bright colors and texture of the skin just fascinate me. This is what I want to paint!!

The photo is owned by Animal Planet, so I will not post it here. I have sent them an email to see if I can use the image in a quilt. Will see if I hear back from them. In the meantime, I created my own drawing of a dragon head, which I will then crop to focus on the eye. I can't draw it to scale without drawing the entire head. This is my dragon head. It's drawn in pencil at 19" x 24".
Dragon Head in pencil, 19" x 24"
Now to decide how to crop it, to bring the focus to the eye and the texture of the skin. I think I'll crop it to be something like this, with a size around 12" x 17".
Cropped dragon head. 12" x 17". 

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